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5-paragraph essay structure and its types

An essay is a genre of literary prose of short length and free composition. This type of essay conveys the author's individual impression or opinion on a particular topic. The topic of the essay is always explicit. An essay cannot contain many topics or ideas (thoughts). It reflects only one option, one thought. And develops it. It is an answer to one question. The introduction and conclusion should focus attention on the problem (in the introduction it is posed, and the conclusion summarizes the author's opinion).

 Parts 2 and 3, are the parts where you have to demonstrate to the reader that you know what you're talking about. This is where you need to show that everything is balanced. For example, in a proof essay (argumentative essay), part 2 will have reasons for what's in part 4, and part 3 will have reasons against the statement that follows. This is just a tentative division. You might have the most important, strongest reasons for and against in part 2, and additional reasons against in part 3.

The main way to write a good essay is to write according to a plan. The plan is the ability to leave your main, central idea for the denouement, which is part 4. The denouement is what you state, state very clearly, something from part 2 or 3. You add some information from yourself, information that is important to your essay, to your statement. Information that will help you get an excellent grade at the end. 

 In the first paragraph, it is enough to outline how you are going to solve the problem. Paragraph 5 logically follows from paragraph 4. What is specifically said above is the conclusion of all that is said above. If you start a new discussion in paragraph 5, a new idea comes up, you need to write a new essay. 

  Do not assume that you can simply do spelling checks. Review your essays and make sure they do not contain ambiguous expressions, confusing phrases, etc. The text should be edited to remove unnecessary information, namely water, which does not make much sense. Use terms, concepts, definitions in the essay correctly, according to the chosen topic and science.

There are many academic essays types. For example, an argumentative essay is intended to persuade the reader of your viewpoint on an issue. Your arguments must be supported by facts. A well-written essay is good, but a well-reasoned essay is compelling! Be sure to emphasize the thesis statement you made or what you were arguing for or against. 

A narrative essay is an account of events, occurrences, and actions in their temporal sequence. It differs from a story by its concise structure and clear argument. Oftentimes, student are asked to write about their personal experience, and, thus, it is written in the first person.

A descriptive essay, obviously, aims to recreate in the reader's imagination a certain image. In this case, the subject who creates a descriptive text has his own point of view on the depicted material and can be free in his assessments and ways of presenting the material. 

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