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Comparison and contrast essay: understand the world’s analogies and opposites

This headline is not coincidental. Your ability to compare and contrast essays reveal is all about finding similarities and differences and building a stable structure out of this. Let’s go through the process of building such structure element by element. If we compare our contrast essay with the house that Jack built, what follows is the examination of this house floor by floor, brick by brick.

Comparison or contrast essay?

Basically, it’s not easy to write one without clinging to another. When you start to compare, the contrasts also come to mind quite naturally. But if your task is just one of the two types mentioned, choose either similarities or differences and stay focused on one of the groups.

Here comes the foundation of your house. Every essay begins with an introduction that, in turn, includes a thesis statement. Make your thesis statement by mentioning the two things you find similar or different.

If your essay is descriptive, this is it. If you aim to say something more than just describing the state of affairs, you should make some conclusion after proclaiming that your objects are similar or different. This kind of a thesis statement may be evaluative, e.g., “Jack’s housekeeping policy is better than Joe’s, so we should elect Jack as our local community officer”. In this case, your essay is persuasive. It can also be neutral, e.g., “Jack’s house is bigger than Joe’s, so Jack earns more”. Note that we don’t make any evaluative statements about Jack’s income.

The next writing strategies are explained with the examples of creating an essay to compare and contrast essay writing

The walls: how to make a contrast in your essay

Your next step is making your arguments. Think how to arrange them before you actually start writing, as there are at least two different ways of building the walls of Jack’s house. You can organize the paper subject by subject (describe Jack’s house in relation to Joe’s and state how they are different – and then vice versa) or point by point (how are the doors, the windows, the cats of Jack’s and Joe’s houses different).

The windows: Transitions in your comparative essay

Just like the windows and doors in the house, your essay should include connectors that put your thoughts together. In writing, they are called transitions. There are special expressions for a comparison essay such as:

Compared to…

(Very much/just) like…


Remember that a contrast text should also have transitions. You can search the appropriate expressions on the web.

End your essay with a conclusion in which re-state your thesis statement and spice it up with some additional observations. If you need any assistance, we always have essay building experts here at hand!