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THE PRICES THAT NEVER GO UP is happy to offer you a flexible pricing policy, so that using of our service wasn’t be of much damage to your budget. We prefer to treat our customers nicely (which means not to overcharge them) and it simply feels great. Our prices are average or even lower, though the quality we provide is never disappointing. And do not get tempted by ridiculously low cost at any other service, it is most surely a trap, and you won’t get your paper at all.


Though our prices are already fair, we still want to make them even more pleasant for you. We have a flexible system of discounts for newcomers as well as repeated customers. There is a great deal of chance that you may save even more than expected. Find out about discount and special offers by calling our customer support department, they have all the information.


  • Type of paper (research, term, essay etc.) It is important to estimate the time and effort needed.
  • Urgency (the shortest possible terms within human abilities are possible)
  • Field of study (choose any, we will find a person with relevant expertise)
  • Size (from a couple of pages to hundreds)

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FREE FEATURES FOR EVERY CUSTOMER is always happy to reward its customers with free services. If you order here, you are not asked to pay for:


The price you pay is just a proper amount for the writer’s effort. However, it is only up to you to decide whether this effort was hard enough. We do not aim at tricking our customers and dragging out money from them. Reputation is very important and that is what you earn for years.

As you see, it is simply unreasonable to refuse from such an offer. We will be absolutely happy to assist you in your studying for a very moderate price. The secret is that we define the price judging from the real amount of work, not our personal expectations. Unlike other services, our aim is to make the customer satisfied, not make a fortune on somebody’s needs.

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